Episode 12

Chef Shane Chartrand – Author and Chef ahead of his time- Elevating Indigenous Cuisine

Published on: 25th August, 2023

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My guest is Indigenous chef, Shane Chartrand, he is the Executive of Indigenous Programming for Banff Hospitality Management.

Evidently as we talked about food, the care and attention Shane gives to the food that he prepares brings him joy. It is more than food to him; it is about his experiences and his connection with others through food. But be careful not to describe his craft using the word “palette”, I decided to use a phrase instead. Refined taste buds to describe how this chef uses his experience with different tastes to refine his   mastery  in the culinary world. Our conversation covers the following:


• How to set up your workspace

• Bannock is not a health food, but it is a gift

• Diabetes

• Food is medicine

• Stress

• Inspiration from culinary arts

• Indigenous foods, celebrating culture

• What being adopted means to Shane  

• Significance of his tattoos

• His legacy

• Canadian Food Guide


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